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Matt Morrison

Clinic Sites

Welcome to the Clinic Website Workshop!

However you arrived here today, this series is meant to help you improve your website in three 5-minute videos.


4 Minutes

Improving your Website Design

Three big ideas from the workshop.

Branding and consistency.

Use of white space.

Visual appeal.




One of the top tips for clinics is to allow the key points to stand out! When people are looking for one particular piece of information such as pre-appointment forms to fill out, it can be difficult to find if there's too much going on at once. The use of white space allows website visitors to relax and let their eyes easily find the most important pieces of information. Not crowding everything on one screen, but strategically spacing everything out takes a clinic's design to the next level.

My last recommendation for your clinic website design is to invest time and money into capturing the visual elements of your clinic and embedding them on your website. Having high quality pictures and videos of the real patients and staff who work together every day, and showing the details of your clinic, allow your website to feel authentic and will also bring more patients into your clinic with a strong ability to connect to your team.

Whitespace: The large amount of space all around the text draws your eyes to the most important part of the website.

Brand: The consistent font and colours that work together to create a simple but effective site that is relaxing to read.

Visual Appeal: The picture used here is of high quality and shows off what their patients are aspiring for. The text doesn't drag on but gets the most important points across.

Having a clinic brand and consistent design helps your patients and site visitors feel at ease while on your website. Every page feels familiar, and it's easier to connect with the content on the website. When the branding and style of your site is consistent, your website traffic gets to relax and allow their eyes to peacefully take in what you're showing them, instead of subconsciously having to figure out a new style with every page or menu they view.

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