Improving the Content of your Clinic Website



Matt Morrison

Clinic Sites


5 Minutes

Welcome to the Clinic Website Workshop!

However you arrived here today, this series is meant to help you improve your website in three 5-minute videos.

Improving your Website Content

Three big ideas from the workshop.




Less is more.

The purpose of your website.

Tell a Story.

Everyone is willing to read the first sentence in a paragraph. However, the longer a paragraph goes on for, less and less people are going to continue reading.

Make sure your keep your content short and concise. Always work to avoid big blocks of text. Take advantage of "Read more" buttons to enable those who want all of the information without losing the majority.

What are the goals of your website visitors? Sometimes clinics choose content that they think is the most important, without realizing what their audience is looking for on their site. Having an idea of the problem your website solves will help you in what content you're choosing to show.

Are you able to communicate through your website that you understand what a visitor might be going through? Whatever people are struggling with, and for whatever services your clinic offers, they have ended up on your clinic website seeking help. Will your website show that you understand and are able to help guide them toward a solution? Tell that story and lead the way.


Tell a story: Making sure that every page on your site will connect to somebody who's looking at it, and not just there for your Clinic's sake.

Purpose: This clinic has thought about the goals of its website visitors. The photo, alongside the text and menus allow for people to capture the step you're wanting them to take.


Less is more: This website hits what it believes are the most important points, and leaves the details for further below.


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